RangeVision Professional

For advanced users, there is RangeVision’s Advance, the camera is upgraded to 2Mega pixel with a 1600 x 1200 capture resolution, the scanner also bundles a CCD matrix diagonal 1 by 1.8 inch size. The scan time has been optimized to 12 seconds for high resolution capture, all of the apparatus is housed in a metal body and the model is accurate to 0.3mm to 0.043mm
Manufacturer: RangeVision
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The RangeVision 3D Scanners are modular, modifiable, structured-light scanners suitable for the digital acquisition of objects of any shape and size.

By simply modifying the position of the cameras and, if necessary, by swapping the lenses, it is possible to set the ideal configuration to scan small objects, like jewels, as well as much bigger objects, like car body parts.

This flexibility is offered an at astonishing quality/price ratio.

The RangeVision 3D Scanners automatically register the different scan data through the automatic markers identification system, or through the calibrated rotary table synchronized with the RangeVision ScanCenter software.


Thanks to their precision and accuracy, the RangeVision 3D Scanners are optimal for any use, particularly for professional applications. They are the result of years of research and experience and of the developments made by the RangeVision developers in scanning and structured light technologies.


RangeVision Professional 3D Scanners


RangeVision 3D Scanner
Standard Plus

  • 2x1.3 MP cameras (1280x1024)
  • 1/2" CMOS sensor
  • Scan Time 7 s
  • Aluminum Camera Cover
  • Resolution 0,05 mm - 0,35 mm 
    (depending on the size of the scan area)




RangeVision 3D Scanner

  • 2 MP Cameras (1600x1200)
  • 1/1.8"CCD sensor
  • Scan Time 12s
  • Aluminum Camera Cover
  • 0,043 mm - 0,3 mm 3D Resolution
    (depending on the size of the scan area)